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What do you believe in your heart of hearts?

What do you cherish?
What do you desire?
What do you imagine?
What do you remember?

What song have you come here to sing?

And do you dare sing it,
even if
y o u r  v o i c e  s h a k e s ?


Come to the quiet place;
deep inside, timeless, ever wise.

We belong here ~ together.

Latest Musings

A Way of Beauty

How do we restore and sustain a Way of Beauty in the world?
This is one of the foundational questions Angeles Arrien posed in the introduction to her book The Nine Muses: A Mythological Path to Creativity.

And ever since reading those words, I've been a little obsessed - with the idea, the underpinnings, the possibilities.

But   beauty   is such   a loaded   word.

What kind of beauty?

Is it as we find attributed to Lady Hamilton in Susan Sontag's novel The Volcano Lover?

Beauty which strokes itself with parted full lips, inviting the touch of others. Beauty which is generous and leans toward the admirer.

Is it as Shonagh Home reflects in Ix Chel Wisdom?

Rethinking our bodies as vessels of radiance, wisdom, and joy rather than something that needs constant improvement, returns us to our truth. And that truth exudes great beauty that emanates from our eyes, our smiles, and the way move. We are here to express this beauty, to share it with others, and to shower it upon the earth.

Or …