What do you believe in your heart of hearts?

What do you cherish?
What do you desire?
What do you imagine?
What do you remember?

What song have you come here to sing?

And do you dare sing it,
even if
y o u r  v o i c e  s h a k e s ?


Come to the quiet place;
deep inside, timeless, ever wise.

We belong here ~ together.

Hello, precious heart.

My name is Noelle and I'm here to dive deep & dance with you.

As we make our way through the often speedy-busy-noisy wilderness of modern life, it's all too easy to lose touch with the stories that ground us and lose sight of the stars that can guide our steps.

Many of us eventually end up just going through the motions, "plugged in" 24/7 yet utterly disconnected, plagued with varying degrees of dis-ease.

This isn't sustainable. And it's definitely not fun!

So here's my invitation, my prayer:

Let's remember how to come back home to ourselves. Let's imagine new pathways of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Love. Let's dream a culture of heart-centered wholeness into being.

House of Mnemosyne is the studio/temple where I'm crystallizing the elements of this work, which will include offerings of local creative healing events, handcrafted heart activation charms, and a free seasonal museletter.

Are you feeling it? Resonance is a perfect gateway to more magic.

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Are you dancing yet?? Here's a little motivation! ♥